You need an immaculate lawn and lovely flowers. You just need to get rid of those dead and diseased limbs from your trees, and create a plan for other trees that are growing out of control. Tree Service Canton is an affordable and professional tree service team that is fully qualified to provide property owners with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to tree care.

Trees have significant curb appeal and contribute to your quality of life. Not only are they beautiful, but their presence can reduce the cost of your heating and cooling when well placed on your property. Our team is dedicated to service delivery for tree care that is fast and efficient and uses accurate methods of maintenance.

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We’ve used their services for almost three years and they do fantastic work. As a building manager with more 7 properties, I needed a reliable tree service that was trustworthy and really made our landscaping look professional and welcoming with healthy trees.

robin H.

It’s been very valuable to have their expertise and knowledge so that we make informed decisions about our trees and understand the consequences and impact of any construction we might consider on the property.

John F.

They are so easy to work with and they are professional and have a lot of great ideas for transforming our property. We highly recommend them to homeowners.


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About Us

In addition to traditional tree service, our team can also help property owners reduce the amount of risk of property damages that often stem from trees. As professional arborists, we are fully trained and certified to perform a wealth of approaches that transform your trees into healthy vegetation and keep your property safe when trees are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. We provide onsite evaluation and planning for emergency tree service and a detailed account of how property owners can improve conditions. Issues such as the threat of falling branches and accidents that occur from tree stumps can be avoided with routine maintenance and planning.

Our Services

When you hire our tree service company, you will be employing a team that is well qualified and passionate about protecting the health of your trees as well as the environment. We take a holistic approach to tree services. This means we do not just treat your landscape with chemicals. Instead, we look at the entire ecosystem to determine the best approaches that will transform your trees from damaged into vegetation that will live for generations. We have several well-proven approaches that protect your trees and keep your property safe from issues like pest infestation and tree diseases.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it becomes necessary to conduct tree removal services if your trees are dying or if you need to make space or you would like to transplant them. Whatever the scenario, we can provide exceptional services. We use state of the art equipment and advanced techniques to quickly and efficiently remove your trees. After careful evaluation of the most appropriate methods of removal, you can expect to recover your space. Our arborists are fully trained and certified to perform industry-standard tree removal.

Tree Trimming

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With appropriate tree trimming and pruning, you expect to see a big difference in the health of your trees. They most certainly grow on their own, but to thrive and prevent diseases and pest infestations, seasonal tree trimming is often necessary. It will also protect your property from issues such as falling tree limbs when extreme weather conditions blow through the region. We take a do no harm approach to all of our tree service methods.

Brush Clearing

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You’ve finally decided to do something with the plot of land you own but first you need to clear all of the dead bushes, trees, and other dead and dying vegetation. It’s a massive task and one that you don’t need to do yourself. Instead, call upon a reliable and thorough lot clearing service to lift the heavy burden off your shoulders while you attend to other pressing matters. We offer fast service and we use state of the art equipment that transforms your space into a clean slate.

Stump Grinding

This is a procedure that you can’t just decide to conduct yourself. It requires specialized equipment that Tree Service Canton possesses along with the experience for ensuring that it is a safe and efficient procedure. Rather than waiting years for your tree stump to naturally decompose, you may use the space immediately. Stump grinding is a great option that is fast and affordable to return that much-needed space to you for new landscaping or construction plans.

Tree Cabling

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Trees with heavy canopies with weak support can be a threat to its health as well as to the property is stands near. Rooftops and vehicles are typical vulnerable objects that are in the path of these trees. We conduct a detailed evaluation of your tree to determine if tree cabling is an appropriate measure. Our approach follows industry standards and safety protocols and our long-standing tree service in Canton ensures that we are available for routine evaluation after the procedure.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

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Mother Nature can take an unexpected turn right onto your property to wreak havoc. Your home might be vulnerable to felled trees and other debris that swept through after extreme weather conditions and you need help. It’s on the way when you call our 24-hour emergency tree service. We quickly respond and provide exceptional tree service you can expect to take a do no harm approach.

Contact Us Today!

Contacting our professional arborists is easy as we have several communications methods for reaching us. Our account executives are waiting to hear from you and will provide you with accurate answers to your questions and concerns. We are even available 24 hours a day for emergency tree care. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can expect our tree service company to be efficient, trustworthy, and equipped with accurate approaches that leave your trees in better condition and health.

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